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    RU-UNICATT Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Brescia – Department of Mathematics and Physics

    In WP1, RU-UNICATT is involved to evaluate physiological impact which urban plants have to face as a consequence of the major abiotic stresses due to climatic change. Information so gained will be useful to develop Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere-Transfer’ models (WP4). An urban park in Rome will be the venue of these activities (carried out together with RU-ROMA), based on measures of photosynthetic performances. WP2 will receive the contribute by RU-UNICATT in terms of quantification of energy fluxes and matter exchange (CO2, water, O3) between canopy and atmosphere; measuring O3 removal potential; defining the role of plants in mitigation of urban microclimate. A micrometeorological tower will be set in an urban park of Rome and the eddy covariance technique will be adopted. Basic facilities are already available; for O3 fluxes an ad hoc developed fast analyser will be used. Footprint analysis of fluxes, together with wind regime, will allow the separation of the contribute of vegetation from that of the surrounding urban network. Comparison with analogous measurements carried out by RU-TUS in a suburban reference park will allow the estimate of the roles of urban environment and vegetation on air quality, as well as the recurrence of pollution transport phenomena from the city towards neighbouring areas. RU-UNICATT will also be involved in WP3 and will run experiments in ‘open-top chambers’ (facilities since long available) to investigate the role of O3 and nitrogen on some ornamental oaks.

    Project team

    Prof. Giacomo Gerosa, Dott. Riccardo Marzuoli, Prof. Antonio Angelo Ballarin Denti, Dott. Angelo Finco, Dott. Maria Chies, Dott. Robert Monga.


    Prof. Giacomo Gerosa

    Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

    Via Trieste, 17 25121 Brescia (BS) Italy

    Phone +39 030.2406719


    e-mail giacomo.gerosa@unicatt.it




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