RU-ROME University “La Sapienza” of Rome – Department of Environmental Biology

    The aims of RU-ROMA will be: a) to investigate the plant physiological performances and stress indicators in the metropolitan area, both in the current conditions (urban and periurban forests of Rome) and under simulated future scenarios (controlled and semi-controlled environments); b) to evaluate the contribution of urban forests to improve the quality of life, by the assessment of the ecosystem service of air quality improvement provided by urban green. A multidisciplinary approach will be used, in which the actions carried out under the different WPs will be focussed on the analysis of processes at different space-temporal scales. On the basis of previously published vegetation maps, an ecophysiological, leaf-level reflectance and phytochemical study will be carried out inside two green areas of Rome: an urban historical park, and a periurban natural reference area. Quercus ilex is the test oak, on which both non destructive ecophysiological measurements and the analysis of leaf secondary metabolites, will be carried out. This species has been chosen for its wide natural distribution in the Mediterranean Basin, as well as for its widespread use in the field of urban forestry. At both sites, the comparison between leaf-level and ecosystem-level measurements (WP2) will highlight which kind of stressor, of natural and/or anthropogenic origin, may have the greatest importance in determining the functional state of vegetation. Furthermore, structural and ecophysiological parameters measured in the field will be used for parameterization of SVAT-type models (GOTILWA). The model will be then validated on the CO2, H2O and O3 actual flux data collected by the RU-UNICATT. In addition, ecophysiological and structural data captured in the field, also within micrometeorological eddy covariance studies will be useful for working with SVAT models (WP4), which are then validated with fluxes collected by RU-UNICATT. Some of these activities are run in tight connection with CIEMAT (Madrid).

    Project team

    Prof. Fausto Manes, Prof. Marcello Nicoletti, Prof. Gigliola Puppi, Prof. Giovanna Abbate, Dott. Carlo Ricotta, Dott. Sebastiano Foddai, Dott. Elisabetta Salvatori, Dott. Alessandra Bernardini, Dott. Lina Fusaro, Dott. Federica Marando, Dott. Vanessa Guerrini, Dott. Simone Mereu, Dott. Valerio Silli, Dott. Rossana Cotroneo, Dott. Gina Galante.


    Prof. Fausto Manes

    Dipartimento of Environmental Biology, University “La Sapienza” of Rome

    Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 00185 Roma Italy

    Phone +39 06.49912448


    e-mail fausto.manes@uniroma1.it




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