RU-PA University of Palermo – Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences

    Within WP3, RU-PA will deal with container-grown plants subjected to different levels of water and saline stress (mild, moderate, severe) in comparison with controls. On these individuals analysis of biomass and primary net productivity of epigeous parts will be quantified, together with fixed C allocation. In addition, classical ecophysiological measurements shared with many other RUs will involve gas exchange (stomatal conductance, transpiration rate, internal CO2 and net photosynthesis), water use efficiency; chlorophyll a fluorescence. Under an interdisciplinary approach, the role of natural mychorizzae and endophyitic and fungal endophytic communities will be investigated. Root and microbial soil respiration will be analysed in transplanted material. Some of these activities will be performed together with CRA.

    Project team

    Dott. Farina Vittorio, Dott. Livio Torta, Prof. Santa Burrano, Dott. Gaetano Conigliaro, Dott. Giorgia Liguori, Dott. Gaia Piazza, Dott. Sandra Lo Piccolo, Dott. Giulio Piva, Dott. Antonio D’Asaro, Dott., Giuseppe Gianguzzi, Dott. Giovanni Gugliuzza (CRA), Dott. Marcello Militello (CRA), Dott. Giuseppe Talluto (CRA).


    Dott. Farina Vittorio

    Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, University of Palermo

    Via delle Scienze, Ed. 4 90128 Palermo (PA) Italy

    Phone +39 091.23896090


    e-mail vittorio.farina@unipa.it




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