RU-PI University of Pisa – Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment

    RU-PI is mainly involved in WP1 and WP3. Its long time expertise concerns the evaluation of vascular plant and lichens (native or transplanted) to oxidative stress, especially under controlled conditions. All the major facilities to treat plants with ozone and carbon dioxide are available in terms of control of temperature, light, water availability. In addition, it has got innovative instruments to evaluate early biological stress effects (e.g. fluoromer and other tools to analyse the integrity of photosynthetic apparata in their biochemical and physiological profiles; MS/GC; spectrophotometers; HPLC; electrophoresis). Optical and electron microscopies are also present. Molecular investigations are carried out with RT-PCR. RU-PI is since long tightly connected to RU-TS, also within a running PRIN project. Such an interaction deals with transcriptomics and phenomena related to the activation of signal molecules (ethylene), ABA, free/coniugated salicilic acid, jasmonic acid, as well as oxidative signaling. Two free-of-charge partners are FEM-San Michele all’Adige and IBPP-Marburg (Germany): their contribute is to detail biosinthetic pathways and gene activation related to key secondary metabolites. Water status of trees will be analysed with specialistic technique, also with the free support of Universidade Federale de Pelotas (Brazil). RU-PI also interacts with RU-FI as far as maintenance of experimental trees is concerned.

    Project Team:

    Prof. Giacomo Lorenzini (Project Coordinator), Prof. Rossano Massai, Prof. Cristina Nali, Dott. Damiano Remorini, Prof. Lucia Guidi, Dott. Elisa Pellegrini, Dott. Alessandra Campanella, Dott. Marco Landi, Dott. Lorenzo Cotrozzi, Dott. Mariagrazia Tonelli, Dott. Romina Papini.


    Prof. Giacomo Lorenzini

    Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (DAFE)

    Via del Borghetto 80, 56124 Pisa (Italy)

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