WP Leaders



    Coordinators of the different Workpackages


    Name e-mail
    WP 1 Prof. Fausto Manes (UNIROMA1) fausto.manes@uniroma1.it
    WP 2 Dott. Giacomo Gerosa (UNICATT) giacomo.gerosa@unicatt.it
    WP 3 Dott. Filippo Bussotti (UNIFI) filippo.bussotti@unifi.it
    WP 4 Dott. Elena Kuzminsky (UNITUS) elkuz@unitus.it
    WP 5 Not appointed  
    WP 6 Prof. Giacomo Lorenzini (UNIPI) giacomo.lorenzini@unipi.it



    • to report their WP activities
    • to advise the Coordinator of any discrepancy with the planned activities, including any delay in delivery
    • to monitor the achievement of WP objectives
    • to plan and coordinate WP activities, organizing an half-yearly WP meeting
    • to set goals, facilitate and manage technical and/or scientific team working
    • to monitor performances
    • to check the half-yearly production and delivery of the reports and results for which they have responsibility



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    • English